Flyboard, Hoverboard, Jetpack Experience - A business for you!

 Flyboard Experience – A business for you! 

Why wait? The time to act is now! Your dream to run your own business, provide your family with a sea change, increase your wealth, work in an environment filled with excited and passionate people, share the experience of a lifetime, and in the process change yours. The Flyboard Experience is for you! With a range of exciting and adrenalin filled equipment like the Flyboard, Hoverboard and Jetpack; the jetpack adventures are waiting for you.  

But what is a Flyboard, Hoverboard or Jetpack?

The Flyboard is a water jet powered machine which allows propulsion underwater and in the air. The position of two nozzles under your feet ensure propulsion and allow for movement controlled by tilting one’s feet. The nozzles on the hands are used to ensure stabilization, just as ski poles would.

The Flyboard became a worldwide sensation after the posting of a YouTube video in December of 2011. In just 15 days there were over 2.5 million views globally.

New Flyboard extreme sport is taking the world by storm. The Flyboard combines the physical attributes of an array of popular adrenalin sports activities including Jet Skiing, water skiing and wake boarding, skiing and snowboarding and acrobatic diving. Whilst many of these activities can take a substantial amount of time to become skilled at, the Flyboard is very intuitive: it’s like learning to walk; it holds no limits to a person’s fitness level. It will generally take 20 minutes with an instructor to find your balance and start flying freely. Lying face down in the water all you need to do is bend your knees as the instructor throttles forward allowing propulsion for you to fly straight up. A self-manned flight can take you up to an hour to learn on your own, but allows for a superior flight experience. After a bit of practice you will be able to swim like a dolphin and challenge gravity like Iron Man!

The Hoverboard is a fairly new device only released within the last 12 months. Inspired by Marty McFlys ride in Back to the Future; Zapata Racing designed the Hoverboard for its speed and appeal to the wakeboard, surfing, kite surfing, and snowboarding community. Keeping true to his industry the Hoverboard remains as crazy a ride as the Flyboard. Pull that front leg up and watch the Hoverboard soar sky high in a vertical ascent! A more advanced ride for semi-experienced operators looking for some serious adrenalin.

The Jetpack the ultimate ride for your jetpack adventures, has been developed for those customers looking for an alternative to using their legs and relying on their core balance to stay levitated. Despite the Jetpacks relative ease of control the Flyboard is easier for all users to operate. Typically 40 years and up will look to Jetpack over the Flyboard.

What is Flyboard X?

Just like the other 2,499,999 other people that were completely blown away by the crazy, exciting, and extremely futuristic device Franky Zapata decided to call the Flyboard; we wanted one instantly! In fact; we needed one! If swimming with and like a dolphin wasn’t enough cause to purchase one, becoming your very own superhero definitely was. The Flyboard opened the world’s eyes to the endless technological possibilities that the future would seize. And well, once we saw it we were hooked!

As an importer and distributor of unique and extreme products; the Flyboard was a simple must have! The appeal of the Flyboard across a broad demographic of people, and the ability for it to be used by a range of age groups with no need for weight or height limits; was essential for the future success of the product. Bringing a product of this calibre to market was going to be as challenging as it would be rewarding. A new extreme sport that could be grasped in a matter of 20 mins of training meant a relatively intuitive sport that had never been achieved in such a short space of time. Flyboard was a sure success and an extreme sport that would make its mark in history. Flyboard X: a concept of Xtreme sport as Xciting as it is impressive. Xclusively owned and operated by an Australian company.

Flyboard X are the exclusive distributors for the Zapata Flyboard, Hoverboard and Jetpack the founding company to HydroFly – The Flyboard Experience Australia. So if you’re looking for things to do in the Gold Coast or your looking at things to do in Hobart, your adrenalin based experience provider will be able to provide the ultimate experience for you and your crew!

Lets talk business!

So you know what a Flyboard is and you know what a Flyboard does; but what is a Flyboard experience hire business? The Flyboard hire is on a per-person basis, one on one with a qualified instructor. The Flyboard Instructor controls the throttle of the PWC effectively regulating and providing instruction on some basic manoeuvres to at first gain balance. Once this has been confidently achieved, the instruction continues into some more advanced manoeuvres involving achieving faster and more dynamic turns, ascending to higher altitudes, and learning some basic diving controls. The process is as listed below:

  1. Pre-flight safety briefing, signing of disclaimers.
  2. Flyboard operator is suited up and strapped into Flyboard bindings.
  3. Flyboard operator instructed to move from launching bay to operation area within the taxi position.
  4. Basic turns are covered within the water whilst circling the PWC.
  5. Flyboard operator advised on the process to becoming levitated above water.
  6. Basic turns are covered whilst levitated and circling around the PWC.
  7. Instruction continues to provide foundational manoeuvres via slalom turns.
  8. Intermediate turns instructed around the PWC at a higher altitude and at a faster speed.
  9. Basic dives (dolphin dives) and safe diving practices taught to the Flyboard operator.
  10. Flyboard operator instructed to return to the launching bay.
  11. End of hire.


The Flyboard experience is provided in four separate packages (You can change this at your own discretion):

15 minutes - $99.00 – Approximately 15 minute flight.

30 minutes - $180.00 – Approximately 30 minute flight.

60 minutes - $320.00 – Approximately 1 hour flight.

4 persons 30 minutes each - $650.00 – Approximately 30 minute flight each.

Our 15 minute guarantee – We are so confident in our ability to provide instruction and the relative ease of learning to Flyboard, we guarantee it! Should you not be able to gain control of the Flyboard within 15 minutes we will provide you a refund in full for your booked experience. *If within 15 minutes you cannot pick up the basics of the Flyboard our instructor will ask you if you wish to continue your experience. Should you wish to continue your experience the 15 minute guarantee will be deemed void. The 15 minute guarantee is only available for bookings of 30 minutes or greater in length. Happy flying.

Plant and equipment requirements

The range of plant and equipment can change with any business; we can provide you with all the required plant and equipment to suit your budget and your requirements for your operation.* Below we have provided an example of the required equipment for a Flyboard experience business:

1.       Yamaha VX18R (PWC) with trailer                                                  $17,265.00

2.       Rescue sled                                                                                         $1,199.00

3.       Support vessel – safety boat (rubber inflatable)                                 $2,200.00

4.       Flyboard                                                                                             $7,690.00       

5.       Flyboard spares                                                                                  $2,629.00

6.       Safety equipment – life jackets,  helmets, radios                               $2,571.60

TOTAL          $33,554.60

The Flyboard Experience can be offered as a weekend rental operation, or a 7 day a week business. Commence operations in and around your existing working schedule and build it at a comfortable level. Or throw out a line of change and reap the benefits of your labour. You’re not restricted to sitting indoors and confined to your desk and chair; in fact your office is a river, a lake, the beach front or a floating pontoon. Choosing the location and the hours of your operation is completely up to you, we’ll just help you to organise your equipment needs best suited to you.

Who uses the Flyboard?

The Flyboard is the perfect addition to any water sports business, resort, or charter yacht. Whether you have ample business experience or just looking at getting away from your 9 – 5 job. Stand out from the competition by offering this amazing new sport! The dream of flight has become a reality that anyone can achieve so why not be the first to offer this possibility to them! The Flyboard is suited for all users above the age of 12 years. There are no weight or height limits offering availability to a broad demographic of people. Our target market is broadly males 16 – 45 years of age, with a high trend in bookings from international and local tourism.

How we can help:

·         Our experience and expertise within the Flyboard experience industry is unmatched throughout Australian and international markets.

·         We can tailor match the appropriate equipment or provide reliable market recommendations to get your jetpack adventures operationally ready.

·         Provide advice and guidance on attaining approvals for your operation in your chosen location; this extends to all areas of Council, Marine Safety and AMSA.

·         Provide a detailed risk assessment and Safety Management Plan template to suit your businesses operation.

·         Provide liability release waivers / disclaimer template.

·         Provide your business with the appropriate Certificate of Competencies for every required instructor within your organisation.

·         Provide detailed advice on the appropriate design of your businesses operational systems for each experience offered.

·         Organise your businesses public liability, professional indemnity and product insurance needs via our highly reputed insurance brokerage.

·         Provide detailed videos for your customer’s safety briefing to help your operation maintain consistency and professionalism at all times.

·         Organise and prepare your businesses web hosting and website, complete with online booking and content management systems.

·         Ensure your websites SEO’s and SEM’s are up to date and in line with your marketing budget. 

·         Organise and prepare your businesses Facebook page; along with advice on how to best manage and promote your page via social media.

·         Put your business in contact with the appropriate networks and advertising companies within Australia to best sell your experience.

·         Best of all; this isn’t a franchise! No hefty percentile payments for the use of a brand. Your business your rules; our task is to provide you with all the necessary skills and equipment to get your operation up and running.

Why start now?

Summer is around the corner; life’s too short to waste. Get prepared for the Summer season, don't wait until you’re in it. Jump on board now or miss out to similar minded people! Sometimes a unique opportunity is presented once in a lifetime. Don't regret talking about it when it has been and gone. So what do you need to do now? Jump on the phone and give us a call, get online and send us an email. We will provide you a detailed outline of your first steps to your new adventure, discuss your dreams and goals and work out based on your budget the best options for you. Goals + Actions = Results.


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