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 XDubai Flyboard World Cup

Fast, fun and freestyle: the X-DUBAI Flyboard World Cup invites the world’s best Flyboarders to compete for the ultimate prize. Open to all Flyboarders who can show they can compete on a professional level, the World Cup will be held over three action-packed days from December 4th to December 6th 2014. Organised by Zapata Racing for the fourth year running, the X-Dubai Flyboard World Cup is set to amaze, exhilarate and blow your mind.

FBX Aussie Pro-Riders Our Australian Pro-Team

HydroFly is home to Australia’s first and only Flyboard Pro-Team. These are the guys pushing the limits and setting the boundaries for freestyle flying on the Flyboard. Their experience new and old extends back to the pioneers of the sport that started the hydro-sports industry within Australia. Dale Jeffery and Peter Hendra secured distribution rights for the French made equipment by Zapata Racing in May of 2012; some four years on and these guys are still flying with the best!

Last Saturday the 10th of October our pro-team got together for some fast paced action flying at Australia’s premier Flyboard Experience destination on the Gold Coast. Dale Jeffery from Hobart, Peter Hendra, Paul Turner-Ngauma and Aleks Skar from Gold Coast, Corey Egan from Mackay, and a special visit from David Soldato a Pro-Rider from Georgia USA. A definite show stopper as cars lined up along the foreshore of Pelican Beach to watch these guys own the skies.

This will mark the fourth consecutive year some of our riders will have competed. With some new entries for the first time. The requirements: an entry video submission; 2 mins straight flying unedited footage. Sounds easy? Guess again! The sheer power of the jet skis flying our riders to max heights of up to 20m, harnessed at the feet of the user can get tiring quite quickly. With an array of tricks and flips pulled that make an audience say WOW!!!

We wish the boys well with their video submissions as we wait for the judge’s panel to admit them their opportunity to compete with the best in the World!

X-Dubai Registration, Rules, Participation


Download the registration : Registration Form

Participants must fill out and return the registration form with photo & pre-selection video at:  event@zapata-racing.com

The registration will be validated at the reception of flight ticket and passport.

Participants must pay attention to the passport validity.

Nationals from countries not mentioned in the list below will have to send their passport ‘copy the soonest possible in order to receive the VISA for the entry in the Dubai territory.

Countries for which a VISA is not required:

Andorra, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brunei, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States of America, Vatican City.


42 pro rider contestants, 10 veterans and 10 ladies from over 20 countries will take part in the competition.

Veterans category is a 40+ years, male-only category.


During the video pre selection process, the official World Cup judges will select at least:

  • 20 participants for the pro rider category
  • 4 participants for the Veterans category
  • 4 Participants for the Ladies category

Rules to follow:

  • One video only per participant
  • Video should last 2minutes MAXIMUM and be filmed in one sequence shot (no cut or editing allowed)
  • Video must be sent via mail to event@zapata-racing.com alongside the filled registration form before the 9th of October.
  • In case of equality, the number of  “thumbs up” for the video on the dedicated Youtube Channel will be taken into account in the selection process.


  • The 16 finalists of the XDubai Flyboard® World Cup 2014, the 4 finalists of the North America Flyboard® Cup and the 2 finalists of UAE National Cup of the pro rider category are not required to send a video
  • The 3 finalists of the X-Dubai Flyboard® World Cup 2014, the 3 finalists of the North America Flyboard® Cup of veterans and ladies categories are not required to send a video

Already selected riders :

Pro rider category

Veterans Category

Ladies Category

Adrian Boucher


Da-yeob KIM

Arnoud Stoppels



Ashton Beukers

Dong-won YANG

Kristen SMOYER

Brody Wells



Caleb Gavic


Stephanie WELLS

Callon Burns


Yolanda BAKER

Carl Jacob Johansen


Cooper Riggs


Damone Rippy


He xiao qiao


Hunter verlander


Jake Orel


Jordan Wayment


Kosuke yokoe


Sataporn Srirang


Suksan Tongthai


Stephane Prayas


In the event that an automatically-selected contestant does not attend the competition, an extra contestant will be selected during the video pre-selection.

The competition is organized on sea, in a sheltered bay for a practice in calm water. The competition area will be in a square of 100 by 50 meters delimited by buoys. A pontoon will allow competitors to equip and take off.


Contestants will be judged by a jury of 5 professionals, and one Head of judges.

Qualification round:

Contestants will run individually in front of the jury where they will have to perform 5 tricks in a time limit of 1.30 min.

Each judge will give a score on technicality on a twenty-point scale which results in a global grade on 100 points.

The final mark (minus penalties) will rank contestants for the next stage.

At the end of this stage, the 32 top pro riders, 8 top Ladies and 8 top Veterans will qualify for the next stage.

The score obtained during the qualification round will rank contestants which are not qualified for the next stage.

Round of 32 – Round of 16 – Quarter final – Semifinal – Final:

Participants are divided into battles at the end of the Qualifications round and according to their score.

Battle groups are made as follow:  the contestant with the highest score will compete against the contestant with the lowest one and so on.

Contestants will run individually in front of the jury where they will have to perform a freestyle run within a given time limit (see “planning” for details on time limits).

Each judge will assign points according to the following criteria:

  • Technicality (figures execution, difficulty of figures and innovation) : 2 judges
  • Variety/diversity of figures : 1 judge
  • Show (coherence and construction of figures, flow with an escalating difficulty and a grand finale,  attitude of contestant)
  • Energy (number of figures, execution speed, execution rhythm)

Each judge will vote for the best contestant within their criteria and allocate a score on a twenty point scale, which result in a global grade on 100 points.

The winner is the contestant who gets 3 votes out of five.

The eliminated participant keeps his points for the general ranking.

For the final, the two finalists will face each other on a 4 minutes challenge where each contestant will have to present the best choreography on music. The best performance will establish the X-Dubai Flyboard® World Champion 2015.

Compulsory figures in QUARTERFINAL, SEMIFINAL and FINAL: 1080, double back flip, superman and spin back flip (judged on the figures quality


At the end of the competition, the jury will award the World Champion 2015 by a gold color Flyboard® deck and prize money of 5000$.


Any contestant whose PWC goes out of the perimeter during the demonstration will receive a yellow card. If it occurs a second time, the contestant will receive an elimination red card.

If the PWC flips, the contestant will be disqualified.


All contestants will be required to perform on the following equipment:

  • Flyboard®
  • X-Armor 23m hose
  • Wireless EMK (not pilot allowed)
  • ZR dual impeller

Equipment provided for all contestants (exclusively during runs – no training sessions) :

  • Flyboard® Pro-series 2015* with Shoes (s/M/L) and X-Armor 23m hose
  • ZR Dual impeller

*Set up of the Flyboard® provided:

  • ZR boots with assembly angle following the natural curve of the Flyboard® deck (slightly open)
  • Ability to spin both sides
  • Maximum spinning angle : 20°
  • Nozzles directing the water flow towards the back of the contestant (7.5° back)
  • Nozzle rings : Ø57mm

If contestants want to use their own set up, boots or equipment, they will be required to bring the following items:

  • Flyboard® deck 2014 (including Y-pipe and boots of their choice)


  • Flyboard® deck pro series 2015 (including Y-pipe and boots of their choice)

Additional compulsory equipment:

  • Lifejacket
  • For ladies: wetsuit or board short + rashguard (no swimwear allowed)

Don’t just watch try it for yourself!

HydroFly is home to Australia’s first and only Flyboard Pro-Team and is Australia’s premier Flyboarding destination. These are the guys pushing the limits and setting the boundaries for freestyle flying on the Flyboard whilst providing professional experienced based services to the general public to try it out themselves. If you are unfortunate enough with inaccessibility to HydroFly with Flyboard Gold Coast, Flyboard Brisbane, or Flyboard Hobart. There are other locations available around the country including Flyboard Cairns in the North of Queensland; 1800jetpack in Western Australia and Jetpack Gold Coast. All of which are a great alternative to extreme Jet Ski hire.



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