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In the year of 1996 Franky Zapata at just 17 years old joined the French Jet Ski Championship. After creating his own team and working diligently on all platforms he secured his position amongst his competition; Franky’s greatest strength would become the knowledge he acquired whilst building, maintaining and racing his own Jet Skis. Despite the tight budget and his lack of crew members Franky would continue to reign champion over some of the biggest manufacturers in the world. Zapata Racing was already securing its name as a leading brand in the manufacturing and production of PWC products within the Jet Ski racing community.

The Flyboard became a worldwide sensation after the posting of a Youtube video in December of 2011. In just 15 days there were over 2.5 million views globally. Zapata Racing’s experience in the engineering and manufacturing of racing Jet Skis allowed for the quick production from design to prototype. “After trying out several Flyboard prototypes we finally succeeded in getting ourselves out of water. Once we were able to stabilize ourselves in the air without too much difficulty, we focused our efforts on making the Flyboard’s use more intuitive.”

The Flyboard is a water jet powered machine which allows propulsion underwater and in the air. The position of two nozzles under your feet ensure 90% of the propulsion and allow for movement controlled by tilting one’s feet. The nozzles on the hands are used to ensure stabilization, just as ski poles would.

New extreme sport is taking the world by storm. The Flyboard combines the physical attributes of an array of popular sports activities including Jet Skiing, water skiing and wake boarding, skiing and snowboarding and acrobatic diving. Whilst many of these activities can take a substantial amount of time to become skilled at, the Flyboard is very intuitive: it’s like learning to walk; it holds no limits to a person’s fitness level. It will generally take 10 minutes with an instructor to find your balance and start flying freely. Lying face down in the water all you need to do is bend your knees as the instructor throttles forward allowing propulsion for you to fly straight up. A self manned flight can take you up to an hour to learn on your own, but allows for a superior flight experience. After a bit of practice you will be able to swim like a dolphin and challenge gravity like Iron Man!




Just like the other 2,499,999 other people that were completely blown away by the crazy, exciting, and extremely futuristic device Franky Zapata decided to call the Flyboard; we wanted one instantly! In fact; we needed one! If swimming with and like a dolphin wasn’t enough cause to purchase one, becoming your very own superhero definitely was. The Flyboard opened the world’s eyes to the endless technological possibilities that the future would seize. And well, once we saw it we were hooked!

As an importer and distributor of unique and extreme products; the Flyboard was a simple must have! The appeal of the Flyboard across a broad demographic of people, and the ability for it to be used by a range of age groups with no need for weight or height limits; was essential for the future success of the product. Bringing a product of this calibre to market was going to be as challenging as it would be rewarding. A new extreme sport that could be grasped in a matter of 20 mins of training meant a relatively intuitive sport that had never been achieved in such a short space of time. Flyboard was a sure success and an extreme sport that would make its mark in history. Flyboard X: a concept of Xtreme sport as Xciting as it is impressive. Xclusively owned and operated by an Australian company!



To supply the most Xtreme, Xciting and Xclusive products of Xceptional value and quality!


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