This package is for the starting Hero; learning their new set of powers. Unleash your inner hero! 45 Minute session.



Feeling the force? This is your chance to prove yourself at Australia's number 1 premier Hydro-sports destination. Your flight starts with the fundamentals of learning the basics to levitation. These skills develop a strong foundation for smooth riding and comfortably before soaring to new heights. Your personal in-flight trainer will teach in water taxi, basic turns with levitation, slalom at straight and leveled flight and dolphin dives, before moving on to advanced turns with speed and height. This package is for the starting Hero; learning their new set of powers. Unleash your inner hero!



All of our experiences include FREE hire of our safety equipment:


  • Life Jacket
  • Helmet
  • Wetsuit


Your training with Hydrofly is the most advanced training program in Australia. Fully comprehensive you will learn the fundamentals before you fly ensuring you maximise your experience and the time you spend in and above the water.


Once you arrive you will be greeted by our friendly staff, sign a disclaimer and watch a video on in water and above water flight controls. A quick questionnaire will enable your professional instructor to hone in on any areas of misunderstanding. You will be suited up ready for your flight where you will then develop your skills on the World’s first and only Flyboard training Simulator. Your personal Wingman will give you any additional required training before you’re sent into the water for your in water flight experience.




Your experience offers:


·         Your choice of Flyboard or Hoverboard.


·         Pre-flight Safety Video


·         One-on-one personal instruction with a Professionally trained Flyboard Instructor.


·         Our team are the only riders in Australia that compete on an a competitive and international level; which means you learn quicker and get more out of your experience.


·         FREE safety equipment hire including: life vest, helmet and wetsuit*


·         Safety test to ensure you understand what to expect during your flight experience.


·         Try the WORLDS FIRST and only FLYBOARD SIMULATOR!


·         45 Mins Experience includes:


o   15 Mins Check-in, disclaimer and suit up. *


o   15 Mins of Pre-flight Training. *


o   15 Mins Actual Flight Time.


·         Go Pro comes with pre and post flight interview footage and enjoy that selfie cam! *


·         FREE bottle of water for every participant.


We request all customers arrive 15 minutes prior to their experience starting time to enable our friendly staff to ensure you are ready for your full session. Late arrivals may forfeit time provided within their chosen package during busy days and peak season.




* Hydrofly endeavours to provide each and every customer the best value for money, unsurpassed customer service, and superior training. Wetsuits may or may not be offered depending on season and availability for size of each individual. Whilst we attempt to maintain all training offered to the minute this cannot always be guaranteed; some individuals may require more training as deemed necessary to ensure their safety. Others may fast track their training with a high level of competence. Your actual flight time is guaranteed on the equipment subject to customer’s punctuality. Go Pro footage is offered however additional and at cost. This may be pre-purchased or on the day.






Our experience is incredibly unique and unlike no other. Our lead instructors all compete with the best in the World at the Flyboard World Cup and hold National titles. Our customers learn real tricks by real pro-riders; becoming levitated is fun but is easily taught in the first 5 minutes of flight. HydroFly is the only hydro sports experience provider in Australia to provide this fully comprehensive style instruction and offer a 15 min Guarantee: “Learn to fly in 15 minutes or opt for your money back*”.


HydroFly is a Gold Coast based company, offering a unique experience at Australia’s premier Flyboard Experience destination. Our founding company Flyboard X established the Hydro Sports industry in Australia in December of 2011 when we secured the exclusive distribution rights to Flyboard, Hoverboard and Jet Pack in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. As the distributor of the unique hydro sports equipment, we regulated the industry with the help of Local, State, and National authorities Australia wide; instigating the training platform that all operators; recreational and commercial use today.